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Books by Holland C. Kirbo

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Triple Treasures

"I’m reasonably certain we have become treasured customers of our friendly neighborhood Wal-mart."               ―Holland C. Kirbo, Triple Treasures: Our Journey From Infertility Through The First Year With Triplets

Five Star Reviews of A Flame in the Night

"Holland C. Kirbo weaves together multiple perspectives with complicated motives, a rich history, and plenty of family friction. A Flame in the Night is a dazzling adventure mixed with a hero's journey and the beginning of a romance that can't be missed." ―Liz Konkel for Reader's Favorite

"Holland C. Kirbo has an excellent writing style filled with rich and beautifully descriptive narrative, fantastic world building, and an array of unique and interesting characters forged into their own person by their unique experiences. . . . This book really made it easy to get excited about fantasy. I loved the complexity, the characters, and the obvious thought and scope that has clearly gone into its writing. I am looking forward to book two." ―K. J. Simmill, for Reader's Favorite

"The story is beautifully written and I couldn’t help but fall for the protagonist. . . . The conflict is well developed and the pacing is fast, punctuated by intense action and emotionally charged scenes. A Flame in the Night is a great read, engaging and satisfying. I look forward to the next book in the series."―Divine Zape, for Reader's Favorite

Selected Quotes From A Flame in the Night

"Shealtiel shrugged. 'Meaning we're not sure what she may be, or if she's anything other than mortal. But if she's mortal, then her powers defy all known laws of the universe. On the other hand, if she's a hybrid and carries immortal blood and one of the daimons within Bakar's horde tried to possess her, it failed. So, if she's a naphtil, she's strong enough at this young age to resist daimon possession.'

'And that's without training, working on natural instinct alone," Valerian added, "because neither the Tenzin nor the Zuzen clan has ever heard of her. No immortal mentored her.'”

“Finn's face brightened. 'Hey, Edda had the baby?'

Lakyn slit her eyes at him but nodded.

'Hunh. Makes sense now.'

Laken crossed her arms and cocked her head. 'Do you carry on conversations with the voices in your head on a regular basis, or is this new crazy for my benefit?'” 

“He reeked of death, though he had no ostensible odor about him, but it was the roiling, formless, black cloud trailing above and behind him that rattled Lakyn's bones and transformed the remaining moisture in her mouth to sawdust. My vision!” 

“Shealtiel's eyes twinkled. 'You are made of fine stock, Kollin, and you have more strength within you than you know. Not all are born warriors,' he said and eyed Nolan and Sealey before redirecting his attention to Kollin. 'Some are forged in fire.'”

“'While immortals are good and true and allied with mortals to protect Aewyr, the zuhl are evil and treacherous and have no place on Aewyr,' Nolan explained. He sat beside his brother on the bed. 'They are creatures of Maal, spawned in Hael, with daimons attached to them like parasites.'” 

“'You can't mean to keep him.' His voice was gruff as he fought to keep his infuriation in check.

'I can and I do,' she threw his words in his face.

'Lakyn, he's a wild animal!'

'So were dogs, once. And you have no idea its a 'he.' She softened her tone. 'I promised the mother.'

His face twisted with scorn. 'You . . . promised. A scim cat?' he asked like she'd lost her mind. 'You think she understood you? Because the language barrier and all, being she was a CAT!'” 

“She muttered unflattering and impolite things about him under her breath, but complied with his order. When she was done, he drilled her on her parries and thrusts and blocks, but she sensed his frustration. Yeah, well, he's not the only one!

'You're thinking too much!' he growled.

Her temper simmered at his brutish behavior, and her words were barbed. 'Yeah, it's crazy how my mind refuses to shut off when I'm trying to avoid being killed.'" 

“Reuel's hand clenched the armrest of the chair. 'Not everything is as we are taught or what it seems, Lakyn. You'd do well to remember that. Always test what you're told, what you've been taught, though it seems to be the truest word ever spoken.'” 

“I've known immortals all my life, and I've never seen one act the way Reuel has when it comes to you.” 

“Reuel blocked her path so she could escape no farther. 'This is bad form, Lakyn.'

'Screw you and the heavenly band you rode in with!'" she snapped.”