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Books in the Legends of Aewyr series:

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Sword and Shield

Lakyn has foiled Xarkuhl’s attempt to kidnap the young Catalan prince. Now, she and all of Ceredwyn wait with bated breath, knowing the right hand of Maal, the dark god of Hael, prepares his assault on the continent of Perravia. 

Lakyn and Reuel draw closer, but the waiting game wears on her. Tensions swell, and Lakyn chafes at being caged, but Reuel and Nolan fear the lengths to which Xarkuhl will go to neutralize her, and they refuse to allow her outside the city of Kaelin without an immortal guard. While she grapples for independence in a world gone mad, Lakyn discovers things are not always what they seem.

Deceptions mount, and her core beliefs are shattered when she finds a secret religious text hidden in the chapel of Kaelin Castle. If its teachings are correct, Maal and The Three, the gods worshipped by Aewyr, aren’t gods at all but archons of Elyon, The Most High, and Aewyr has been led horribly astray. Lakyn reels from her discovery and struggles to reconcile fact from fabrication. She’s rocked further when Reuel suggests she’s the Bright One of prophecy—the savior who will save them all.

As Lakyn discovers more about her true identity, she meets resistance from the one she trusts most. When Maal’s forces make their move, truth becomes stranger than fiction, enemies become allies, and Lakyn’s world will never be the same.

A Flame in the Night

She alone has the power to stop Maal, the dark god of Hael, from destroying her world. Can she trust her powers and guard her heart, or will she lose herself to the flames?

In the land of Aewyr, the immortals stand as mankind’s last hope against Maal and his supernatural army of darkness, but the immortals have their limits. The kingdom of Ceredwyn watches and waits, praying for a savior. When eighteen-year-old Lakyn Trahearne annihilates a zuhl by immolating him, she’s not the only one stunned. Such power has never been granted by the gods, even to immortals. She’s young, and by all accounts, she’s human, and her powers are beyond comprehension. Ceredwyn may have found its champion. 

The immortal Reuel is assigned to train Lakyn. He both infuriates and strengthens her, while everything about Lakyn stokes Reuel’s buried pain and rage. Still, he can’t stay away. Together, they are electric and explosive, a precarious combination given Lakyn’s unstable powers.

Nothing and no one have stopped Maal’s steady advance. But Lakyn’s powers have awakened, and love and loss are potent fuels within her. When Maal’s forces threaten the Ceredwyn royal family, Lakyn and Reuel must set aside their friction to protect the ones they love . . . if Lakyn can control the untamed powers within her and stand against the darkness that threatens them all.

A Sample of Five Star Reviews of A Flame in the Night

“A Flame in the Night is captivating. It will not only keep you turning the pages but the writing is truly original. It’s a new take on an old theme. The characters are at once innocent but brave, vulnerable but strong and not overly simplified as can happen sometimes in the fantasy genre. I quickly fell in love with the author’s writing style. It has almost a musical quality to it. Rhythmic and gentle at the same time, it quickly draws you into the storyline of a fast moving adventure. . . . It’s a book that sets it’s own tone and sweeps you into a powerful storyline that is anything but boring and so well written that you literally DON’T WANT IT TO END. ―John, a Reader (review posted on Amazon)

“I found the book to be wonderfully written with well developed characters and a nice balance of conflict, romance, and fantasy. The strong female lead is a likable character that is loyal to her family and has a spunky attitude that the reader can appreciate. Lakyn’s journey is remarkable and filled with family tension, a budding romance, and plenty of action.”―Kindle Customer (review posted on Amazon)

“Holland C. Kirbo weaves together multiple perspectives with complicated motives, a rich history, and plenty of family friction. A Flame in the Night is a dazzling adventure mixed with a hero’s journey and the beginning of a romance that can’t be missed.”―Liz Konkel for Reader’s Favorite (posted in Editorial Reviews section on Amazon)

“Holland C. Kirbo has an excellent writing style filled with rich and beautifully descriptive narrative, fantastic world building, and an array of unique and interesting characters forged into their own person by their unique experiences. . . . This book really made it easy to get excited about fantasy. I loved the complexity, the characters, and the obvious thought and scope that has clearly gone into its writing. I am looking forward to book two.”―K. J. Simmill, for Reader’s Favorite (posted in Editorial Reviews section on Amazon)

“The story is beautifully written and I couldn’t help but fall for the protagonist. . . . The conflict is well developed and the pacing is fast, punctuated by intense action and emotionally charged scenes. A Flame in the Night is a great read, engaging and satisfying. I look forward to the next book in the series.”―Divine Zape, for Reader’s Favorite (posted in Editorial Reviews section on Amazon)


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Triple Treasures

With the advent of advanced medical treatments for infertility, the world has witnessed an explosion in the number of pregnancies of multiples. More and more families thus find themselves expecting not just twins, but also triplets and other higher order multiples. While many books explore the pregnancy and birth of twins, very few offer firsthand, narrative accounts of the pregnancy and birth of multiples greater than twins. Triple Treasures: Our Journey from Infertility through the First Year with Triplets provides such needed insight by chronicling the experiences of the author and her husband in their struggles with infertility through their first year of first-time parenthood to three babies, who all arrived at the same time.